Co-op Housing – A Personal Reflection

Living in Co-Op housing for 18 years allowed a BC family to manifest a way of life that they really valued.

Do We Have To Reach a Tipping Point?

Do we need the mainstream media to dig their teeth full throttle into a story before we will really sit up, take notice and start having discussions amongst ourselves online and at the proverbial water cooler?

It's Time For a Change

Are you ready to help change the conversation in Ottawa about the need for a national childcare programme in Canada?

Kindness Matters

When we look at the tight definition of bullying, we can see that on a broader level we also need to talk about the importance of kindness in our society and the impact of unkindness. How do we create and support a kind – indeed a kinder – world?

Protecting the Individual

Pamela Chan/ I love it!  Somebody searched the term “embrace the weird” and landed on Sweet! Because it just so happens that I have written about that topic. I didn’t say as much at the time when I wrote that post; however,  I was that girl who was called “weird”.  Not only was I [...]

Tweets & Likes Support WWF Canada

Our voice on social media can be a force for good.  Through the ideas that we share (or reshare) we can support important causes and effect change.  This is why it matters if we only share content about twerking and “WTF is This?” link shares that don’t really matter in the long run. Recently Telus [...]

What Would You Do With $25,000 in BC?

It has been three days since the What Would You Do With $25,000? video was published and I’ve only just seen it on my Facebook homepage.  As the days roll on, I expect that more people will share the link.  The clip appeared on a group page that I belong to for alumni/ae of the [...]

Social Justice and Youth

Recently a woman who was a student in the 1970s told me about her memories of female teachers who wore their hair long, sported long flowing skirts and ran across the playground bra-less. Aah the ’70s. The young teachers in the 1970s were university students during the turbulent late ’60s and have either retired in [...]

A Better World: Gift Baskets With Ethically Sourced Products

World in a Garden is a multicultural urban farm and educational project based in Vancouver.  This holiday season they are preparing gift baskets and stocking stuffers using ethically sourced products that will help you complete your holiday gift shopping.  If you would like to order a Farm to Table basket for family and friends, this [...]

A Better World: Playing For Change for Children

If you haven’t already heard about their work, Playing for Change is a “multimedia movement created to inspire, connect, and bring peace to the world through music”.  The Playing for Change Foundation also builds music and art schools for children and their communities around the world.  Playing for Change projects have been featured in the film [...]

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