A Better World:  The World in a Garden

One who plants a garden,  plants the seeds of hope Have you ever visited another country and found inspiration to start a new venture based on what you learned on your journey?  Do you read about urban agriculture topics and sustainable development issues without having your own personal experiences with innovative projects here in the [...]

A Better World:  Supporting children through action

Unlocking a child’s true potential creates a future where anything is possible. What do food, golf and jewels have in common?  They are all components of charity events taking place in the Lower Mainland in the upcoming week.  Women and men across the Lower Mainland (and beyond) will have the opportunity to support Big Brothers [...]

Sharing Smiles With Children in Japan

Sachie Kagayama is a CEFA early childhood education teacher who works in West Vancouver.   Her family is from Miharu in Fukushima, Japan – a town  located in the heart of the region where the recent earthquake and tsunami occurred.  Sachie is organizing a  project to share images with kindergarten students in Iwaki, which is [...]

A Better World:  Women Are Heroes

In peace time women are discriminated against.  In war time they are targets.  (JR, Photographer) JR is a French “guerrilla artist” who takes art to people who would not normally be exposed to art.   He works under the radar, without approval from local authorities, and exhibits his work in unexpected public places such as on [...]

A Better World:  Helping children in need

Back in March we wrote about a volunteer effort on Vancouver Island that focused on creating packages of supplies, clothing and toys for children living overseas.  The focus at the time was on relief efforts in Haiti, but has since expanded to include other regions of the world.  Much work has been done since this [...]

Crazy for Cupcakes

If a reality TV show about cupcakes – make that two shows – seems odd to you, you may not have noticed that cupcakes are all the rage these days. Cupcake Girls and DC Cupcakes are two shows on television right now that chronicle the lives of cupcake store owners and their employees. Here in [...]

A Better World:  Project Haiti

Immediately after the January 12th, 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Vancouver Island residents Al and Shirley discussed several times about what they could do to help a country which they knew was desperately poor and only just starting to recover from decades of horrendous strife, corruption and incredibly inept governance by despots of all stripes. They saw [...]

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