BC Family Day 2017: Top Picks

Top Picks for BC Family Day 2017. What will you do on February 13th?

Lost and Found: Is it a Good Idea to Reconnect?

This year has been the year of get togethers, anniversaries and reunion invites. I miss more than I can attend but that doesn’t stop me from pondering the social considerations and politics of getting together with long lost friends and relatives.

A Recipe for Celebrating Mid Autumn Moon Festival

The sky is blue and the clouds haven’t rolled into the Lower Mainland yet. It’s a perfect day to get outside and enjoy the sunshine. It will also be the perfect night for moon viewing and celebrating Mid Autumn Moon Festival.

Ideas For Celebrating Chinese New Year

As we inch towards the eve of Chinese New Year, many people in British Columbia might not celebrate this holiday as they do not have a personal connection to the Chinese culture. If your family falls into this category but you’d still like to enjoy the festivities, here are a few ideas that you can try during the 15 day Chinese New Years celebrations.

90 Scarecrows on Vancouver Island

Starting on July 6th, in the area of Bru-Go coffee shop in the heart of Mill Bay you will have the chance to see 90 scarecrow “people from the past” who were all made by members of the local community.

Fresh: VancouverMom.ca Top 30 2015

Does an evening of mixing and mingling with moms, small business entrepreneurs and social media enthusiasts sound like a fun prospect. On Jun 17th, 6:30 PM – 8:30 PM, VancouverMom.ca will be hosting the 6th Annual Vancouver Mom Top 30 celebration at Nicole Bridger’s flagship store in Gastown.

We're Craving Some Sweetness

Maroon 5′s latest music video – directed by David Dobkin – is a compilation of wedding crashes that took place in December, 2014 across Los Angeles. Was it staged? No. Not according to Rolling Stone magazine…. or this professional photographer (love her pics) … or this attendee.

Act Fast. They're Almost Gone

If you’re a mom blogger, aspiring mom blogger, blogger covering other topics, male blogger, entrepreneur or someone who’s interested in social media, this is an important yearly event in Vancouver to attend.

Reclaiming Valentine's Day

If there’s one thing I’ve discovered, since social media took root, it’s that people aren’t terribly fussed about Valentine’s Day.  I know without a doubt that there will be a number of “forget you, Valentine’s Day” posts along with cheery, inclusive messages to everyone on Valentine’s Day.  Since I didn’t get married until I was [...]

Snow, Santa and a Train Ride

Pamela Chan/BCFamily.ca Visits to Santa are a relatively new experience for our family.  In 2011 we made an unexpected visit to Santa after taking a Christmas train ride. Our twins were two at the time and seemed uncertain about the experience. The following year they had a chance to visit with St. Nicholas who, the [...]

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