What Matters For A 5 Year Old?

It started early on and it’s been pretty consistent – and often feels like it’s been relentless – every since. All those nattering comments about helicopter parents, pressure today, over achieving parents etc. that we hear about, in the news and in our personal conversations, can go straight to the rubbish bin. Because it’s not me tightening the screws.

Writing Competition for Older Teenagers

Following in the footsteps of the Keats-Shelley Prize, Young Romantics is a new competition available for writers between ages 16 and 18 who would like to enter their poems and short stories. (Maximum 20 lines for poems and 1,000 words for short stories.) Each work should be inspired by the Romantic poets and refer to the theme this year – Lost Angels.

Is Your Child Ready to Launch?

I can’t say that I expected the BC Teacher’s strike to be over by September. Yet I also can’t reconcile myself with the fact that negotiations hadn’t reached a point where mediation was possible by the end of the summer. Based on what I have read and heard, my instinct tells me that one side dug in their heels and became immovable.

From Norway to Coquitlam

It started with a short film on Vimeo about children exploring the outdoors in Norway. Since then I’ve been catching bits and bytes about the forest kindergarten/outdoor education programmes around the world on blogs, newspaper articles, Facebook and even Twitter.

Lean 30: 10 – Do You Support Pink Day?

This week as British Columbians took part in Pink Day, I noticed a stream of Pink Day photos in my social media accounts. People sported pink shirts, black shirts with pink writing or talked about their experiences on that day. There was even a Pink Day related flash performance involving 30 schools, 3,000 participants and the Vancouver Giants hockey team. Despite all of these efforts, there was discontent about how the day went down.