What Matters For A 5 Year Old?

It started early on and it’s been pretty consistent – and often feels like it’s been relentless – every since. All those nattering comments about helicopter parents, pressure today, over achieving parents etc. that we hear about, in the news and in our personal conversations, can go straight to the rubbish bin. Because it’s not me tightening the screws.

Lean 30: 9 - Parents and School Choice

Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca/Editorial Lean 30 : 30 days of keeping it lean and old school online. More This year my family took part in the kindergarten registration process in our local school district.  Individually, as a couple and as a family, my husband, two children and I attended information sessions, met with our neighbourhood school [...]

Lean 30: 3 - Between Good and Good

Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca/Editorial Lean 30 : 30 days of keeping it lean and old school online. More As my children grew into being toddlers and then young and older preschoolers, I started to look, observe and ask questions in my local community of teachers and parents.  I found it to be very helpful to visit [...]

Daily Dish: To Honour, Cherish and Celebrate

It’s not very often that I have had the opportunity to know someone who embraces the concept of honouring, cherishing and celebrating people and life with passion, enthusiasm and commitment.  Over the period of five years, I worked with a Montessori colleague in Japan who was also the Principal of our department.  Our five classroom [...]

Mad About Montessori

Author Trevor Eissler was, quite literally, mad about Montessori – in more ways than one.  As he explains it, he found out about Montessori programmes, loved the programme and then felt mad that others didn’t understand much about the programme or why it is so wonderful. So Eissler – a professional pilot,  not educator – decided to [...]

Parenting Books for the Infant Years (ages 0 - 3)

There are so many wonderful books covering the New Born to Infant years.  Here are a few that we found to be particularly well written and useful. Tim Seldin is highly praised and respected by his Montessori colleagues in the education field and his book How to Raise an Amazing Child does not disappoint.  For [...]

Montessori Resources

Here are some locations for information about Montessori schools and the Montessori programme: Information about Dr Maria Montessori MONTESSORI IN THE HOME Bringing Montessori into your home The Wonder Years – A Montessori home environment Parenting for independence blog post Practical life in the home – a good list of undertakings that a child will [...]

Hearing and Learning

Based on the scientific principles mentioned in this article, Montessori primary school teachers present a new exercise while sitting on the right side of the child in order to take advantage of this aspect of hearing. To do: * When reading to your child, consider reading on his or her right hand side. * As [...]

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