Prince Charles, Gardening & Children

In a recent interview on BBC Radio 4, Prince Charles spoke about his garden at Highbury near Tetbury, Gloucestershire; his childhood experiences with gardening; and, some of his new ideas about encouraging children (including his grandchildren) to garden.

Seeing BC From the Air

There’s no better way to appreciate British Columbia’s natural beauty than from an elevated look out. Drone videography offers perspectives that you can’t even get from a helicopter or airplane.

What is the Sound of All of Us?

Connect BC is a new group page on Facebook where British Columbians can connect and share information about events and opportunities focussed on CULTURE, strengthening COMMUNITIES and CONNECTING to Nature. This group page is an extension of the local, Canadian and international information that is shared on the page on Facebook.

Epic Sustainable Living Festival 2013

If the idea of spending a day in a gorgeous botanical garden: exchanging ideas with others about sustainable living; walking a maze; playing bocce and garden games; sipping drinks and checking out food trucks; listening to music; attending gardening workshops; and, exploring sustainable living products and services sounds perfect, you will definitely want to check [...]

Outdoor Living: Back to Nature

Pamela Chan, There is no such thing as bad weather – just bad choices in outerwear. Since our family moved to Coquitlam two years ago, we’ve been experimenting with walks in neighbouring parks, rivers and lakes that are all new to us. Coquitlam and the surrounding cities of Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and Maple [...]

Invite a Child to Create a Natural House

If you follow information about outdoor education and the international movement to help children experience the outdoors, you will enjoy hearing a recent talk shared by  the Pecha Kucha office in Tokyo.  The subject matter fits perfectly with the ideals that have been expressed by promoters of the outdoor education movement. Englishman David Pollard spoke [...]

A Better World: Gift Baskets With Ethically Sourced Products

World in a Garden is a multicultural urban farm and educational project based in Vancouver.  This holiday season they are preparing gift baskets and stocking stuffers using ethically sourced products that will help you complete your holiday gift shopping.  If you would like to order a Farm to Table basket for family and friends, this [...]

Using strollers on public transit

When it comes to transporting your child or children around town in a stroller, taking public transit can be challenging at times.  Crowded buses, insensitive fellow passengers, and inclement weather are just a few of the challenges that a parent or caregiver face.  It can also be hard to know if double strollers are allowed [...]

Imbalance in Society?

By Pamela Chan Before you disregard this proposal by Hari Kunzru consider a statement that I was once told by a middle income professional.  “The buses are populated by the elderly, the sick, the poor and students. There are dirty people on the bus and for this reason I will not use them.”  Ouch! To [...]

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