Fabulous Mom Bloggers

In 2011 BCFamily.ca was chosen as a top 30 mom blogger site in Vancouver.  Unfortunately I was unable to attend as I didn’t have support for my young toddler twins at the time.  A year later I’m finally able to attend the Fabulous: A Celebration of Mom Bloggers 2012 event where the 2012 successful bloggers [...]

On the hunt

In 1980 Kit Williams published a book entitled “Masquerade” . This beautifully illustrated book included sixteen of the artist’s paintings containing clues to the puzzle of a hidden gold object. Prior to the publication of the book, the author created a gold filigree rabbit with a ruby eye and buried it in the English countryside. [...]

Loving Julie Taymor and the Lion King

“A whole new vocabulary of images made its way to Broadway thanks to Julie Taymor’s [Lion King].” (The New York Times, 1997) This summer Broadway’s most financially successful and critically acclaimed show The Lion King will come to Vancouver. As you prepare to go to see The Lion King at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre- and [...]

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