Does Your School District Need a Zero Programme?

What questions does a recent news story raise about how serious incidents are addressed in British Columbia’s schools?

What's a Soccer Mum?

Which one of these “Mums on the Sideline” are you?

How do you support your child's interests?

It’s part of the trending dialogue online – aspirational (AKA helicopter) parents hover over, micro manage and over schedule their child in daily extra curricular activities.

Should You Dress Like Madonna in 2015?

The choice seemed very old school Madonna. It was something that she would have favoured back in the day. But that was then and this is now.

Is Sarcasm the New Authentic?

For a few years now it’s been all about authenticity.

Be authentic!

Read “don’t be fake! Show your true self. Engage openly and honestly. Don’t hold back!”

Call Me a Helicopter? Eh. But Not Negligent.

It wouldn’t phase me if someone called me a “helicopter parent” or gave me a frosty stare; however, said person should expect to be ignored.

Your House is HOW Big?

I’ve been asking this question for longer than I can remember. Why do homes on US TV shows look so ridiculously large? Why does this family’s lifestyle look so grand? Who lives like that?

Protecting the Individual

Pamela Chan/ I love it!  Somebody searched the term “embrace the weird” and landed on Sweet! Because it just so happens that I have written about that topic. I didn’t say as much at the time when I wrote that post; however,  I was that girl who was called “weird”.  Not only was I [...]

A Horrific Argument and the Support of Others

Pamela Chan/ It is not the time when you would expect everything to hit the fan but that’s when it happened.  Just before heading off to church, my husband and I had a “blow up” over how I was collecting everything I needed by a bag in the front hall. Since my son came around [...]

The Ultimate Romance Deterrent

You know those sexy women who cause men’s eyes to turn – on TV, at the office or in real life? You can be quite certain that they don’t enter a man’s imagination holding a bottle of stainless steel cleaner in their hands.

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