Mar 282017
Beyond the Medical Tests

A little over a year ago, I found myself in a situation that really increased my stress levels. My doctors were running extra tests for two types of cancer at the same time.

It Happened Just Down the Hill

Spanish Influenza was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic that had a devastating impact on troops overseas and on the population at home here in British Columbia and – closer to my home – a few stones throw down the hill.

Jan 282015
Me Too. How About You?

There’s an elephant in the room taking up too much space – affecting everyone from the very young to the elderly. Its name is Anxiety. One estimate made in the health community listed anxiety as the number one health condition that will affect people in the next few years. As the #BellLetsTalk hashtag trends on social media this week for the Bell Lets Talk mental health awareness campaign, it’s a good time to consider how mental health challenges affect everyone in Canada.

March 8th Fundraiser To Help Give Families a Strong Start

Recently the owner of Connexion Photography wrote to share information about the Yellow Heart Fundraiser that will take place this Saturday, March 8, 2014.

Healthy Snacks In the Mail: Snackbox Review, Giveaway & $15 Off

It sounds like a good idea – curated boxes of healthy, natural, delicious snacks chosen by in-house holistic nutritionists and sent to your door. Recently sent an invitation to try their product and an offer for a giveaway and coupon. It was the perfect opportunity to see what others have been writing about.

Fear And The Late Night Phone Call

Kite flying on the beach in Parksville This piece is part of a blog series on the topic of fear.  It seemed to be a good opportunity to tell this story; shed light on what it is like to experience a stroke and be in hospital; and, talk about how anticipation, fear and coping [...]

Every Child is a Unique Flower (Part 2/2)

Pamela Chan, See Part 1: Every Child is a Different Type of Flower When our twins were 18 months old, we moved from Yaletown in Vancouver to Coquitlam in the Tri-Cities area. Compared to Vancouver, in these more affordable outlying cities there are large numbers of young families who have children with special needs.  [...]

Ten Years Thinner

Would you give your diet and exercise plan a complete overhaul for six weeks? By Pamela Chan, Three weeks ago a friend mentioned, in passing a book, by Dr. Christine Lydon.  After reading about the book we decided here at to give the nutrition plan (“diet”) and exercise programme a try. Dr. Lydon [...]

Do You Get the Post Pregnancy Body Stares?

A few months after giving birth (and beyond) most women see changes in their  body shape – including changes in their weight.  Many mums are not spending hours per week in private gym sessions. Neither are they opting for plastic surgery.  For many women the post-pregnancy scenario plays out differently. When your attention is drawn [...]

Hypothyroidism in Newborns Post Fukushima Meltdown

The number of congenital hypothyroid (CH) cases in Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California and Hawaii [following the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear meltdown] [...]  increased by 28% in the period March 17-June 30, 2011. Radiation and Public Health Project report, January 2013 In March, 2011, the news of the earthquake and related tsunami in Japan reached British Columbia [...]

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