Are Boomers Ready for Their Elder Years?

Recently The Province newspaper presented a 14 part series about the aging Boomer population called Boomerangst.  As a follow-up, the editor of this series sent out an E-Street E-mail from The Province with recommendations about how the lives of seniors in BC can be improved.  Are you a member of the Boomer generation?  Are you a [...]

Culinary Capers:  Wake up gorgeous.  The phone's for you.

The chapter headings for Kris Carr’s book, Crazy, Sexy Diet:  Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark and Live Life Like You Mean It read like a top of the pops list of on-trend topics for the health food industry. (See link to Chapter 1 below.) * Ph levels * Alkaline foods * Sugar * Sweeteners [...]

Make someday today!

In interviews and workshops, Vancouverite and health and wellness expert Dr. Susan Biali promotes her approach to living a full and holistic life.  Her message resonates because her ideas are informed by her own personal experiences. She left a successful (and stressful) full-time position as a doctor so that she could pursue her unfulfilled passion [...]

Getting Things Done

Did you know that stress levels peak by age 30 and continue into your 40s?  Have you noticed that some friends look particularly strained after reaching 30? The happy glow has left their face. Maybe the same can be said about you!   It’s a shame to think that life should be like that.  It [...]

Pediatric AIDS Foundation

In 1988 three mothers sat around a kitchen table and started what is now a leading national nonprofit organization. The Pediatric Aids Foundation (based in Los Angeles) is dedicated to creating a future of hope for children and families worldwide by eradicating pediatric AIDS, providing care and treatment for people with HIV/AIDS, and accelerating the [...]

Hearing and Learning

Based on the scientific principles mentioned in this article, Montessori primary school teachers present a new exercise while sitting on the right side of the child in order to take advantage of this aspect of hearing. To do: * When reading to your child, consider reading on his or her right hand side. * As [...]

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