Culinary Capers: Homemade broth

Flus and colds can bother your children at any time of the year.  During this damp and rainy spring, you might find your little one has come down with symptoms that have knocked out her appetite significantly.  Before you reach for the chicken noodle soup at the grocery store, here’s a recipe for an easy [...]

Culinary Capers:  Wake up gorgeous.  The phone's for you.

The chapter headings for Kris Carr’s book, Crazy, Sexy Diet:  Eat Your Veggies, Ignite Your Spark and Live Life Like You Mean It read like a top of the pops list of on-trend topics for the health food industry. (See link to Chapter 1 below.) * Ph levels * Alkaline foods * Sugar * Sweeteners [...]

Culinary Capers:  Hamburger cookies

The following photos show the results achieved by following a recipe for hamburger cookies.  When you first see the first photo you might think they are plastic toys from a Fisher Price kitchen.  They’re that cute!  Clearly this recipe is a winner.  ….and who doesn’t York Peppermints?    Apparently they’re so easy to make, an [...]

Culinary Capers:  Chocolate Cherry Panettone French Toast

At a recent community dinner put on by Whole Foods Market a recipe for French Toast, using Terra Breads Cherry Panettone, was shared. The French Toast was delicious! If you’re buying panettone bread this Christmas, check out a Terra Breads bakery or outlet and put this recipe to the test. You won’t be disappointed. Chocolate [...]

A Martha Stewart weblog focussed on families

Back in the early 1990′s, Martha Stewart’s Living magazine was a refreshing and exciting arrival in the magazine publishing world.  It is hard to express the emotions and sense of excitement these magazines created for lovers of the art of living in the pre-Internet era.  Season by season, Martha and her team shared in depth [...]

Better Together/Project CHEF Hands-on Cook-off Contest

It is final days for the Better Together/Project CHEF cooking contest. If you’re up for a challenge today, why not make a video with your child, or a child you know, featuring a favourite, healthy family recipe? Two generations must be featured in the video, but the people featured do not need to be related. [...]

Culinary Capers: Mediterranean Diet

A trip to Greece provides the perfect opportunity to analyze the famous Mediterranean diet in situ  while eating fresh, locally sourced ingredients.  It is a pleasure to see communities cooking meals without “big box” Superstore grocery stores nearby. On islands such as Naxos you will come across small local stores with dried herbs available for [...]

Culinary Capers: St. Joseph's Day

If you are Italian or of Italian origin you will know that today is St. Joseph’s day. Amongst other things, St. Joseph is the patron saint of pastry chefs and the latter honour him in kind by producing zeppole sweets. In Italy, Sicilians prepare a large banquet in honour of St. Joseph as they believe [...]

Culinary Capers:  Celebrating Norooz (Iranian New Year)

This weekend families in Iran and those of Iranian origins will celebrate Norooz – Iranian New Year- and the beginning of the new year according to the Iranian calendar. The celebration has taken place for 3,000 years and focuses on a family meal, lavishly decorated tables, and coloured eggs and gifts. Families traditionally go out [...]

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