How Do We Remember the Dead?

Do you focus on why a person died rather than asking other questions? We don’t talk about this topic often enough. We should.

Don't Let Fear of Criticism Hold You Back

How do you stop fear of criticism from affecting your creative output?

Go Back To Sleep. You Voted Already.

How can our involvement in community-based campaigns help to bring about much needed change at a municipal, provincial and federal level?

I Matter. You Matter

If you are looking for confirmation or validation of your efforts, feedback that comes your way will be mixed at best.

Be Inspired, Whether or Not You Can Attend

Be among an audience of other moms in a day filled with stories from moms making a difference in the arts, culture, health, community, business, and more.

Monday Musings: Slowness

Why has the pleasure of slowness disappeared?

BIL 2015: An Option to Crashing TED

BIL is an unconference that takes place yearly and is open to everyone to attend as participants and speakers. If you like TED Talks, TEDX or, one of my personal favourites, PechaKucha, BIL is an event that will pique your interest.

We Are Here To Pay Attention

When I saw them I knew that they were important. The image quotes stood out amongst the stream of updates and posts that flow through my social media homepage.

Lean 30: 15 - Don't Make That Resolution

If you really do want to try out something new in the new year, or perhaps pick up a hobby or activity you’ve let go by the wayside, here’s an idea. Don’t make a new year’s resolution.

Are You Ready For Leading Moms 2014?

If you want to establish a strong career, go east my friend. Do not start in Vancouver. Return when your career is launched.

Or so the traditional wisdom has been.

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