Nov 052017

Here is a list of 10 topics that will give your family and friends insight into your private passions and world view.

Mar 282017
Returned Mail Makes You Think

When it happened last year, it seemed a bit ridiculous. But then it happened again. If the universe really can send a message, I think I need to listen.

All Stacked Up

Let's Talk Comments Off
Mar 272017
All Stacked Up

Pamela Chan, Editorial In recent months I’ve been writing a lot of posts but not publishing them. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why would you make the effort to write a piece and then let it sit? I think a main part of the reason is because I’m still mulling [...]

Did you really just ask me that question?

Have you read the blog post about the 10 types of moms that the blog author plans to avoid? Yes, the one with the click baity title. The one with the “I don’t mean anything by my conversation and questioning – I’m just curious” angle.

Say Goodbye to Misery Monday

In 2016, we can pretty much say that Misery Monday is officially dead.

Is Etiquette Shaming a Thing?

Do you feel that the increased interest in taking photographs has created a negative backlash against photographers? Have you experienced “etiquette shaming” in public that you feel was disproportionate to the circumstances, heavy handed or even inappropriate?

Don't Let Fear of Criticism Hold You Back

How do you stop fear of criticism from affecting your creative output?

How's the Dating Scene Working For You?

Gosh darn it – it’s hard to meet people nowadays. Even in this age of online dating and Tinder.

What We Don't Say About Facebook

A few months ago I started year 9 using Facebook. Sometimes it takes awhile to form conclusions about how people use a product or service. During all of these years, I’ve happened upon two key observations about patterns that you see on Facebook.

Do Family Members Meet Up?

If elders weren’t around to organize family meals and be a magnet for socializing as larger family groups, would younger Boomers, Gen-Xers and young adults even get together?

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