How do you support your child's interests?

It’s part of the trending dialogue online – aspirational (AKA helicopter) parents hover over, micro manage and over schedule their child in daily extra curricular activities.

Your House is HOW Big?

I’ve been asking this question for longer than I can remember. Why do homes on US TV shows look so ridiculously large? Why does this family’s lifestyle look so grand? Who lives like that?

Only Mid GenXers Know For Certain

Mid Gen Xers – people born in the late 60s and early 70s – are a quiet bunch. They don’t talk about their childhood much. Every stage of their personal evolution isn’t followed closely by journalists and bloggers. They remain the perennial latch key kids. Their pop culture history – their fashion history – is mostly buried in private photo albums in the darkest corners of their parents’ homes. It’s fun to see that era shown on the screen but is the depiction accurate?

Lions Gate Bridge: Dangerous Construction Conditions

Pamela Chan/ Editorial For 3 1/2 years I lived by Capilano River and drove over the Lion’s Gate bridge almost every day of the week.  The dramatic view of the water from the bridge made an impression every time – especially during a sunset.  Other than clips of the royal visit in 1939, I haven’t [...]

Sweet Dreams Mommy

In his short film about a day in the lives of mothers, film maker Matt Bieler captures similar moments. In one scene a child compares a mother to angels. The film is a sweet reminder of the care and consideration provided by mothers and mothering women such as devoted aunties or aunts by adoption.

Hedgehog in the Fog

Pamela Chan, If this search on Flickr is any indication, there seems to be a lot that we can say about the hedgehog, and illustrate with photographs. As a child living in Ireland, I was aware of the existence of hedgehogs and moles. They often appeared in children’s tales about animals living in quaint [...]

We Get Mail:  Casting Call for Home Sellers

Casting Researcher Sylvia Lee has sent information to about a Lower Mainland casting call for TV show Buying and Selling with the Property Brothers. If you are planning to sell your detached home and are open to being filmed for a TV show, you can send your contact details using the information included below. [...]

Playing the Card You Have

In an episode of the popular Made in Canada TV show Being Erica, Erica learns the value of setbacks. While taking tea with her mother, played by Kathleen Laskey, the latter gives the kind of speech that any parent would want to give. How do you respond when live deals you a blow? Here’s what [...]

An Ode to Beautiful Films

The history of mankind is replete with moments of despair, agony, anger, happiness, pure joy and beauty.  We live in a complex world and life is precious.  At its best, the work of the film industry looks at all of these human conditions. In a montage of 135 favourite film clips, as suggested by Flavorwire [...]

Real Housewives of Vancouver Season 1

Wednesday night [...] it’s back to women [from the Real Housewives of Vancouver] whose only real power is their credit cards, paid for the most part by men (current or past), and, well, the thing that got them those men to begin with. It’s an uncomfortable step backward for women that smart Vancouverites may hate [...]

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