Will They Play Again?

“What people do not understand, they do not value. What they do not value, they will not protect and what they do not protect they will lose. “– Charles Jordan * Watch Play Again online in the comfort of your own home.  The next online screening will be on March 7th, 2012. In the award [...]

I'm Not Crazy, Thank You

I’m almost not crazy.  Agh. Just kidding.  I’m quite fine thank you very much.  I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t call me “crazy”. In fact, dear Hollywood directors and script writers, when it comes to scripts for television and movies I’d appreciate it if you would refrain from labeling anyone coping with a health condition [...]

Public Education:  Have Your Say

Germany * Finland * Greece * Israel * Norway * Korea * Slovenia * Ireland * Switzerland * United Kingdom * Czech Republic * Ireland * Denmark * Italy * Slovakia * Hungary * Poland *CANADA * USA While you are watching the new documentary Waiting for Superman, you might notice that out of 28 [...]

Steven and Chris:  A dynamic design duo to watch

Every weekday Steven Sabados and Chris Hyndman find fun and easy ways to bring a little bit of fabulous to life. They share advice on fashion, delicious food ideas, tips on home décor and much more on Steven and Chris. (Content Film) Whether you work within the home or in an office, if you enjoy [...]

A Martha Stewart weblog focussed on families

Back in the early 1990′s, Martha Stewart’s Living magazine was a refreshing and exciting arrival in the magazine publishing world.  It is hard to express the emotions and sense of excitement these magazines created for lovers of the art of living in the pre-Internet era.  Season by season, Martha and her team shared in depth [...]

A very modern family

If you have not had a chance to watch the critically acclaimed and award winning television sitcom Modern Family yet, don’t worry.  CityTV has kindly made the first two shows of this season available on their website. (If you live outside of the region, you might need to load up Hotspot Shield in order to [...]

Dumbed down content for women

**You’re invited to take our poll – Does the View feature dumbed down content?** Here in Canada our prospects for Canadian and parent focused content on daytime TV are limited.  If you are a mum there is the Mom Show featuring on the latest “in craze of being a mom”.  For women in general there [...]

Reality TV: Lessons Learned

Even if you rarely watch Reality TV, here are a few observations you might have made while watching bits and pieces of various shows. 1. Jumping into a body of water from a boat isn’t as easy as it looks on TV. (Have you tried the “jump in and swim” routine in an exotic location [...]

Get inspired and share your world

On 10.10.10 (October 10, 2010) people around the world will submit video clips documenting their daily lives over the course of 24 hours. The goal for this historic event is to “capture the diversity of life and culture on the planet”.  Do you have one message that you can put in the world’s time capsule?  Do [...]

My Life in Pink

My Life in Pink is a rare find, a truly original, compassionate story about recognizable human beings (MARGARET McGURK, The Cincinnati Enquirer) If you are a  fan of magic realism in books and movies you will enjoy Ma Vie en Rose for many reasons.  In order to not give the plot away, suffice to say [...]

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