Should Millennials Move to Vancouver?

Should Vancouver be a top destination for Millennials?

Is Your Relationship Interracial?

In our home, new stories and advertising featuring interracial (AKA mixed marriage or mixed race) couples catch our eye.

You Can Write @JustinTrudeau

If you identify as being a middle class British Columbian, here is an opportunity for you to send some feedback to the Prime Minster about your family’s concerns.

Are You Feeling Confused Pre-Election Day?

Are you feeling confused before election day? Here are some decisions to make that will help you to make your decision.

A Reminder of Why Healthcare Funding Matters

As I watched family members moving from one location in Children’s Hospital to another, I started to feel anxious and immediately knew why.

Living a Mundane, Boring Life

By:  Pamela Chan, Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. Are the details of a simple life mundane and boring?  They can be to some who have their own particular vision about what makes content interesting on social media. But like many people here in British Columbia,  I’m sharing content illustrating what it looks [...]

Seeing BC From the Air

There’s no better way to appreciate British Columbia’s natural beauty than from an elevated look out. Drone videography offers perspectives that you can’t even get from a helicopter or airplane.

It Happened Just Down the Hill

Spanish Influenza was an unusually deadly influenza pandemic that had a devastating impact on troops overseas and on the population at home here in British Columbia and – closer to my home – a few stones throw down the hill.

90 Scarecrows on Vancouver Island

Starting on July 6th, in the area of Bru-Go coffee shop in the heart of Mill Bay you will have the chance to see 90 scarecrow “people from the past” who were all made by members of the local community.

Have You Climbed the Coquitlam Crunch?

In the past few months as the weather has slowly improved, I’ve been trying to think about inspiring ways to get in shape. I like group classes at a gym but the idea of using our home gym bores me senseless. The idea came to my mind that at least once a week I should throw myself up and down a mountain side.

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