Call Me a Helicopter? Eh. But Not Negligent.

It wouldn’t phase me if someone called me a “helicopter parent” or gave me a frosty stare; however, said person should expect to be ignored.

From Norway to Coquitlam

It started with a short film on Vimeo about children exploring the outdoors in Norway. Since then I’ve been catching bits and bytes about the forest kindergarten/outdoor education programmes around the world on blogs, newspaper articles, Facebook and even Twitter.

What is the Sound of All of Us?

Connect BC is a new group page on Facebook where British Columbians can connect and share information about events and opportunities focussed on CULTURE, strengthening COMMUNITIES and CONNECTING to Nature. This group page is an extension of the local, Canadian and international information that is shared on the page on Facebook.

A Visit to Colony Farm

Any time of year and in any weather, Colony Farms is an interesting place to visit for a walk along the river or through the community gardens. Summertime is the peak period for viewing the garden plots before you head off down the trails to walk by the water, enjoy the peaceful setting and watch for wildlife. You might even want to take part in a game of “launch a stick into the river and watch it float away”.

Being Alone in the Woods

Pamela Chan, Waldeinsamkeit  is a German word that captures the feeling of being alone in the woods.  In the following poem Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote about this German expression and shared his own impressions of solitude in nature. Waldeinsamkeit by Ralph Waldo Emerson I do not count the hours I spend In wandering by [...]

Relaxing at Crescent Beach

An afternoon at Crescent Beach near White Rock is a relaxing way to visit a beach that has a different vibe compared to popular Vancouver beaches. Unlike the busier section of the coast located farther south in White Rock, Crescent Beach is a low-key, lush setting featuring pleasant walking trails and picturesque homes. This area [...]

Outdoor Living: Beach Etiquette

Pamela Chan, Have you ever collected shells at the beach, flipped over rocks while beach combing or dug holes in the sand?  It seems that this is not the thing to do. Neither is picking wild flowers alongside alpine trails -  but that’s another topic. The following tips about visiting the beach were developed [...]

Spring Gardening Workshops

If you or you and your family enjoy gardening, you will want to get on the Amsterdam Greenhouses’ E-mail list or follow them on Facebook.  As the weather has started to improve, there can be many reasons to visit Pitt Meadows from other areas of the Lower Mainland.  You could take part in a workshop [...]

Outdoor Living: Back to Nature

Pamela Chan, There is no such thing as bad weather – just bad choices in outerwear. Since our family moved to Coquitlam two years ago, we’ve been experimenting with walks in neighbouring parks, rivers and lakes that are all new to us. Coquitlam and the surrounding cities of Port Moody, Port Coquitlam and Maple [...]

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