What's a Soccer Mum?

Which one of these “Mums on the Sideline” are you?

GoodBye Vancouver Canucks

Fans of BC’s Vancouver Canucks are also spread all over the world. In ways I don’t quite understand, they stream their games and put in their two cents, yen, euros – pick your currency – wherever they are.

10 Benefits of Physical Activity in Childhood

Exposure to sports leads to a passion for physical activities and a life long buy-in for physical activity. As childrens’ exposure to screen time is on the rise, most studies show there is a lack of passion for physical activity. This is a growing concern as a lack of passion means less active people.

Post Stanley Cup 2011: Thanks are in Order

Now that the Stanley Cup Finals are over, some thanks are in order. Our thanks go out to: * The Vancouver Canucks:   For plowing through to the end and making it to the Stanley Cup Finals. This is no small feat.  As the Boston Bruins know, it’s not a direct line to the Stanley Cup. [...]

In Canada Women Enjoy Watching Hockey

The Stanley Cup Finals 2011 are in their final days as Vancouver gets set to play Boston for game seven in Vancouver. Contrary to what the local Milestone radio commercials suggest, there is a large contingent of serious female hockey fans in British Columbia who won’t be going out for a non-hockey related Girl’s Night [...]

It's Game Night in Vancouver!

I have been watching hockey since I can remember. Probably since the Canucks entered the NHL. When I was a kid I use to hang out at the visiting team’s hotel – the Vancouver Hotel – and ask for autographs from the players. I have pictures taken with Guy Lafluer and Steve Shutt, from the Habs, for example. I watch all the Canucks games; regular season and playoffs. However, I am more religious about not missing a playoff game. For the playoffs my daughter convinced me to create a Canucks “shrine” in our family room. We have a “Go Canucks Go” CBC poster in the living room window and the big Canucks flag in the entry. I’ve been know to drive around town pre and post playoff game with the flag in our SUV or in my convertible. My son and I watch regular and playoff games. We got tickets and watched game 2 of the Sharks’ series when the Canucks won 7 – 2. My wife and daughter join in the excitement of playoff games and watch all the games on TV.

It's Hockey Morning in Japan!

UPDATE:  Please see a recent post – Goodbye Vancouver Canucks, written in memory of Brian. The Stanley Cup Finals are in full swing and hockey fever has hit British Columbia in a big way. For the first time since 1994, the Vancouver Canucks have made it to the final round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. [...]

Pink Power and the Run for the Cure

The CIBC Run for the Cure will take place across Canada this October 3rd in a a location near you.  If you would like to support the work that CIBC does for  breast cancer research, you can celebrate this year’s run by heading to your nearest CIBC branch to see their Run for the Cure [...]

Traceur - Free style running - Le Parkour - Tricking

Just in case you are not up with the lingo, the opening sequence of the James Bond movie “Casino Royale” features one of the two founders of Le Parkour, a form of running as fast as possible. Traceur, urban free flow or free running involves getting from A to B as fast as possible. Parkour [...]

The Vancouver Sun Run

This year the Vancouver Sun Run will take place on May 9th, 2010.  If your children would like to take part, the 2.5 K Shaw Mini Sun Run affords them an opportunity to run or walk a shorter course. Each entrant will receive a souvenir Sun Run T-shirt or a paint-your-own T-shirt kit for children. [...]

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