Welcoming the Paralympics to Vancouver

Bundle up all the characteristics found in Olympians, add in additional extraordinary skill and admirable efforts and you end up with Paralympians.  On March 12th, 2010 the Paralympics will start in Vancouver.  1,350 athletes from 43 different countries will compete in 64 events. Now that the 2010 Winter Olympics have ended, many people feel that [...]

Daily Dish: Olympic Come Down

It’s the day after the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics and many people I know seem to have a collective Olympics hangover.  When you’ve had a party going on for two and a half weeks, with so many options for fun and frenzy, nightly parties, sporting events and fireworks, it’s not surprising [...]

BC Happenings: Winterruption 2010 andWinter Olympic Offerings

Winterruption Kids Zone – Granville Market, February 20 – 27 If you saw children walking about with fabulous painted faces last weekend at Granville Market, you will know that the Winterruption 2010 festival is in full gear. The following are events that children can experience until February 27th. Face painting – Walk east from the [...]

A Resurgence of Canadian Pride

It has come as a surprise to some Canadians that so many of their compatriots are ready to wear their national pride on their sleeve – quite literally – during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.  In the downtown core of Vancouver, in particular, crowds are a sea of red and white as revelers call out [...]

There's no better time

There has been no better time in recent years to visit Vancouver. With the Olympic Games in full swing, there are hundreds of related Cultural Olympiad events, sporting events and Olympic venues to visit in and around Vancouver.  Whether you come during the daytime or at nighttime, there is much to see.  On any given [...]

Canada and the Olympics Through the Eyes of a Child

While watching the opening ceremony of the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, two of the highlights of the evening were conversations with two elementary school students about their experiences while they watched the ceremony. It was an opportunity to hear stories about their Olympics experiences so far. * How they went to see the Olympic torch [...]

I Believe in the 2010 Winter Olympics. Do you?

The seawall between Stanley Park and the west side beaches provides many miles of fabulous scenery and bike riding opportunities I believe. Do you believe? This has been the pressing question that has greeted Canadian television viewers for many months now during the lead up to the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. What exactly are we [...]

2010 Winter Olympics: The Family Games

Image: BCfamily.ca As the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games near, local residents are all abuzz about the changes happening in Vancouver. Venue tents are up, colourful banners and fence sidings have been mounted, Olympic transport cars are in place, large security sausages are floating below the Cambie bridge, rooms are ready in the athletes’ residences, [...]

2010 Winter Olympics: British Columbia (taking it all in)

From time to time we see gorgeous advertisements on TV showing mountains, lakes and other scenic spots.  Isn’t it heartening to know that they are featuring your home and mine – British Columbia? Take time to enjoy these advertisements.  They inspire us to make a mental note to remind ourselves regularly that we are truly [...]

2010 Winter Olympics: A Virtual Introduction

If you are looking for ways to introduce the 2010 Winter Olympic games to your children, Sega’s Vancouver 2010 video game just might be the ticket.  It is designed to play on PlayStation 3, Windows and Xbox and features slalom, snowboard cross, ski jumping, aerials, speed skating and luge, for example.  The ski jumping game [...]

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