You're Not My Priority

Image source *1965 You receive a reel-to-reel tape recording from a friend overseas.  He informs you that he will not make any more tape letters for you. 1970 You receive a cassette recording from a friend far away.  He tells you that he won’t be sending you any more cassettes. 1975 You receive a phone [...]

25 Tips For New Twitter Users

(Watch tweets light up the world map at Whether you publish a website, promote a brand or company or simply want to connect with other people, here are 25 tips about starting up a Twitter account. #ThatsRightiJustTweetedAboutMyMealSoWeCanBeNostalgicForTwitter2009 You don’t need to tweet about the coffee you just bought at Starbucks. That’s oh so “a [...]

I Blog Because I Can

My first 3 posts on June 2, 2004. I embedded images with text, links and did not include a lot of my own writing. Words, of all sorts, have never seemed so now. Andrew Sullivan, The Atlantic Two months ago I started my 9th year blogging on the Internet.  Where did the time go?! Back [...]

Daily Dish: What's Your Fancy When You

When I first read about image tagging website, I noted that 60% of their users are male. Compare this to Pinterest where 75% (or much higher, by some accounts) are women. These statistics called out to me as a challenge. How could TheFancy become more attractive to women? Why IS it more popular with [...]

The Evolution of Cell Phone Nomophobia

More than 3/4 of 18 to 24 year olds, and more than half of 25 to 34 year olds, are anxious about being wireless.  How did we get to this point?  Can you remember life without a smart phone? Imagine yourself in the following scenarios: It’s 1985. You are a passenger in a top of the line [...]

Using Intuition to Plan Your Days

If you’re looking for an integrated scheduler for your iPhone, IconApps has launched a free application called Intuition – a personal assistant for mums.  If you haven’t bought an iPhone, this app just might tip you over the edge.  What mum wouldn’t want a centralized, day timer-like application that helps her with her schedule, to [...]

Staying safe online

How well are you protecting your family computer – and your family – from online scams and cyber crime? Scams these days come in all shapes and sizes. An understanding of how these scams work helps individuals to protect their own personal information. In one recent article the top five scams were listed as: – [...]

Celebrating Science, Engineering and Technology Education & Careers for Girls and Women

“Why do people think girls can’t do science? Where did this crazy idea ever come from?”.  –Dr. Nancy Hopkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology In celebration of Ada Lovelace Day on March 24th, 2010, achievements of women working in science, engineering and technology careers will be celebrated on the Internet. This event has been designed to [...]

Math and Science for Girls

It is one thing to have had a chance to go into the sciences and like it or lump it. It is quite another to have gone down the path of no return and never have a shot at a career in the sciences – or any career that requires a science background. While one [...]

2010 Winter Olympics: Olympic Line Street Car

During the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, Vancouverites and visitors will have a chance to try a mode of transportation that was commonplace in Vancouver one hundred years ago – the street car. The following film was made on May 7th, 1907 and shows the route of a street car traveling along Granville Street, Hastings Street, [...]

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