The Unsexy Life

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Jan 302017
The Unsexy Life

Surely we can’t be successful or truly middle class if we live like this. What the heck must we be doing to not be traveling more than we do?

I'd Rather Be Grounded

When I was growing up my mother used to say that “if you can’t afford to travel well, don’t go.” All things considered – and bearing this saying in mind – I’d prefer to stay grounded for now.

Are Priority Seats on Transit Necessary?

Have you ever been on a bus or train and watched as passengers in need of priority seating remained standing? What happened next?

Couch Surfing The World

Pamela Chan, If you’re looking for a community building project that is international in scope must, surely, be it.  Around the world people are connecting via this website to arrange to crash on someone else’s couch (or spare bed).  This is a volunteer venture that has a large following (3 1/2 million profiles) [...]

Happy August Long Weekend BC!

Pitt Lake, Pitt Meadows, BC Canadians will be celebrating long weekends across the country during the first weekend in August. The civic holiday themes include British Columbia Day (BC), Heritage Day (AB), Saskatchewan Day, Simcoe Day (ON), Natal Day (NS and PEI), New Brunswick Day and civic holidays in Manitoba and the Northwest Territories.  In [...]

Using strollers on public transit

When it comes to transporting your child or children around town in a stroller, taking public transit can be challenging at times.  Crowded buses, insensitive fellow passengers, and inclement weather are just a few of the challenges that a parent or caregiver face.  It can also be hard to know if double strollers are allowed [...]

Airport Art

The next time you are flying by way of the Vancouver International Airport take the opportunity to appreciate the numerous art pieces spread throughout the airport.  Most are there for display purposes, some pieces are very large and many pieces are for sale. Inuit and First Nations’ (Northwest Coast) art pieces are included along with [...]

We're on the move

If the weather cooperates, the wind dies down and BC Ferries adds enough extra ferries, will be going on the road for the Easter weekend and the following week. This means that we will be focusing our efforts on our Facebook page,  “tweeting” and “twitpicing” as we provide updates on what’s happening on Vancouver [...]

Hearing the Call of Newfoundland and Labrador

By Pamela Chan We’re hearing you, Newfoundland and Labrador Tourist Commission. Clearly your province and territory is worth a visit. If you have children in your life and you’re looking for a memorable adventure, nothing compares to the opportunity to go out into the rugged outdoors, don an Aaron sweater and run like the wind [...]

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