You're Not Getting it Wrong Canadian Mum

I see these types of posts at least once a week. “Why parents in France (fill in another country name) have got it right and North American parents are getting it wrong.” Or at the very least, could be doing things differently. Do these pieces resonate with you? Or do you think there’s a good dose of glossing over going on?

A Better World: Shopping That Helps Wounded Warriors

Her Wearables is a Vancouver-based jewellery business that donates money to the Wounded Warrior organization. Wounded Warriors supports service men and women who return from tours of duty with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

A Horrific Argument and the Support of Others

Pamela Chan/ It is not the time when you would expect everything to hit the fan but that’s when it happened.  Just before heading off to church, my husband and I had a “blow up” over how I was collecting everything I needed by a bag in the front hall. Since my son came around [...]

Lean 30:8 - Is Volunteering Fun?

Pamela Chan, Lean 30 : 30 days of keeping it lean and old school online. More This BC Family Day weekend my family members and I surprised ourselves.  We decided to go somewhere, grabbed our stuff, got in the car and got there in under 30 minutes.  It was only a ten minute drive [...]

Most Popular Topics in 2012

In 2012 three topics about cupcakes, comparisons and the child and the Real Housewives of Vancouver TV show were the most frequently visited pages on  You can catch up on previous content by visiting the archives page or clicking on the Categories tab at the top of the home page. Crazy for Cupcakes Comparisons [...]

Most popular postings in 2010

In 2010 three postings about Montessori education for infant/toddlers, cupcakes and Harumika dolls were, ovewhelmingly, the most frequently visited pages on  A bit of a mixed bag, but there you have it! Crazy for Cupcakes The Montessori Method for the Infant Todder Harumika Dolls

What's the walk score for your home address?

OK.  Now I’m depressed. I’m really depressed. Or rather I should say I feel ill just thinking about this topic. My family is in the midst of selling our downtown Vancouver condo so that we can relocate to a house. It is tough finding a nice, affordable, relatively central home in the Lower Mainland that [...]

Coming Soon

Come back and visit us again soon.  We are currently preparing to publish postings about the following topics and think you will be as excited about them as we are: – Are you interested in commissioned portrait photography of children?  We certainly are!  Learn more about an artist living and working in Toronto who started [...]

Research Corner: The Legacy of Mary Parker Follett

Pamela Chan ( Training for the new democracy must be from the cradle – through nursery, school and play […] through every activity of our life. [...]  When we change our ideas of the relation of the individual to society, our whole system of education changes.   Forty years before John F. Kennedy’s famous inaugural speech, Mary [...]

Motherhood and Academe

In a letter to the University Affairs magazine, a female academic pointed out that almost half of female academics in their mid to late 30s do not have children under age 12 in their household. In comparison one-third of female physicians in the same age-group have children under age 12 in their homes. The Ivory [...]

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