Imbalance in Society?

By Pamela Chan

Before you disregard this proposal by Hari Kunzru consider a statement that I was once told by a middle income professional.  “The buses are populated by the elderly, the sick, the poor and students. There are dirty people on the bus and for this reason I will not use them.”  Ouch!

To Consider:

Do you use public transit in the Lower Mainland?

How has the experience been for you?

How would you improve transit offerings?

How do you feel about creating more bike lanes for bicycles in urban centres?

Do you support the Critical Mass rides?

To Do

* If you live near the Skytrain or a good bus route, commit to taking transit to work once a week.

* It’s easy to share horror stories about long waits for transit and other irritations. Try to share positive stories as well and let your friends, neighbours and colleagues know about ways that transit is enhancing your life.

* Try to walk when making small trips to the grocery store or local stores.

* Encourage bike riding in your family as a means to get around your neighbourhood.

* Consider taking a bus to a destination rather than driving your car if you won’t need your car that much at the other end.  (For example if you are traveling to Victoria for the weekend.)

* Extend kindness towards operators of mass transit.  They will appreciate your efforts.

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