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In January of this year I started a Lean 30 series as a way to get back to old school blogging.  I made it as far as post 12, as I didn’t write every day, and thought that I would be a nice idea to reboot this project and continue on at number 13.  I like the idea of starting new projects or ideas at the end of December rather than at the beginning of January.  For the same reason I celebrate milestone birthdays in my 8th year within a decade rather than when I click over into a new decade.

Maybe I just have a well entrenched need to try and be a touch different.

By starting a project in December, I won’t get caught up in the usual round of “what’s your new year’s resolutions this year because we want to write about how you’ll break them in a few weeks”.

How about you? Have you tried writing pared down posts devoid of links, photos and video embeds?

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