Lean 30: Making Friends in the Pre-School Years

If you’re a parent of a young child, and you’re struggling to provide support for this process of making friends and socializing, take comfort in knowing that the awkward struggles are a common occurrence in the pre-school and early years.  You are not alone. 

X Marks the Spot

Every day you will see an article in print or online about how Millennials and Generation Z are making contributions to the workforce after the core Baby Boomer years. What is missing in these conversations is discussion about the talents, challenges and aspirations of the generation of workplace employees following Boomers – the Generation X cohort who were born from the mid 1960s until 1980.  

Are You Updating Your Resume?

If you are hoping to improve the likelihood that your name will make an interview shortlist, you will want to present a strong and detailed resume that shows how you have both the essential and additional educational and work experience required for a job position.

Canadian Seniors Can Attend University for Free

Did you know that University programmes and courses are available for free to Canadians over a certain age? If you’ve never had a chance to attend university, and you’re age 55 and older (or in most cases 60 or 65 and older), this could an opportunity worth pursuing.

Questions About BC Youth Safety

In 2.5 months, teens/tweens across BC will be set loose and left to their own devices to go out and about, and stay safe in broken post-worst of the pandemic communities, where these days there is a higher chance to encounter aggressive behaviour.

Are Your Home Gym Efforts Going Nowhere?

How are your at home – AKA Home Gym – efforts going these days? Have you returned to group exercising at your local community rec centre or gym? This has been an issue with which I have grappled for some time now, as Covid keeps on keeping on, the cost of living gets more expensive and my household budget gets even tighter than it already was pre Covid. Should I keep trying to become a home gym slayer or should I return to group classes at a local gym?

How to Take Care While You Labour

While you work outside of the home, work from home, are involved in unpaid labour, or change your career path, it’s up to you to look after your physical and mental well being. Here are my two favourite ways to keep the self care going, and keep me motivated and feeling confident.