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If you have seen any of the Toy Story movies you will know that Woody the cowboy toy gets around. He’s quite the character and is not one to stay put in the play room. Keeping this aspect of his personality in mind, it was most amusing this past week when I opened my bag and found a Woody toy  inside. How did he get there? We’re not quite sure. The three year old owner most certainly did not send him away. All we know is that somehow Woody ended up in the bag and travelled across town to our home where he stayed in the window contemplating the view of False Creek North for a week.

By all accounts the new Toy Story 3 movie is fabulous, and it’s not just adults with small children who are going to see the it in the cinemas. While watching the films one inevitably returns to childhood and recalls full blown relationships with individual toys. Who hasn’t faced that moment when a parent asked that we part with toys we had outgrown? With a rare 99% approval rating on the rottentomatoes.com tomatometer, how can you go wrong watching this film?


Toy Story 3: The video game

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