50 Ways to Build World Peace

When you are trying to get your head around the concept of peace, it can be challenging to figure out how to actually promote peace in your daily life while witnessing to your children.  This poster about 50 ways to build world peace provides simple actions that can and your children can take.  It is also useful to think about the alternative to peace – war and strife – and to understand what is at stake if we do not strive to actively contribute towards the creation of a more peaceful world.

Now I’ve been crying lately,
thinking about the world as it is
Why must we go on hating,
why can’t we live in bliss

Cause out on the edge of darkness,
there rides a peace train
Oh peace train take this country,
come take me home again
(Excerpt from Cat Steven’s song Peace Train)

Global Children’s Organization (GCO) (The GCO supports children traumatized by intolerance, terrorism, or war by providing summer camps and on-going programs.)

Getting an Early Start on Peace, Time Magazine

Children and Armed Conflict in Colombia

Surviving Childhood: An Introduction to the Impact of Trauma.

Disturbing photographs showing the reality of war for children in Iraq.

Links to sites about children and war (scroll to bottom of page)

War Child International. (WCI is a network of independent organisations working across the world to help children affected by war.)

Bin Laden’s Son Aspires to be Peace Activist

To do:

* incorporate the 50 Ways to Build World Peace ideas into your daily life

* discuss these ideas with your child

* read Stones into Schools: Promoting Peace with Books, Not Bombs, in Afghanistan and Pakistan and Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Journey to Change the World … One Child at a Time both by Greg Mortenson

* listen to the Three Cups of Tea Soundtrack by Jeni Fleming & Amnira Mortenson

*read peace focused literature (online and in print)

Wangari’s Trees of Peace:  A True Story from Africa

* look up peace focused groups online (For example, Imaginepeace.com)

* listen to music that encourages concepts of peace and peacefulness

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2 thoughts on “50 Ways to Build World Peace

  1. Greetings. What an inspiring site! How can we order multiple copies of the poster, “50 Ways to Build World Peace”? Thanks.

  2. Hello and thank you for your comment. Here is the original site which appears to be the source of this poster image. Laurie Phillips is the creator of this poster (according to the information I have found) and put on this site that the file can be downloaded and used as you wish. See: http://www.peace.co.uk/index.html Their contact information is pax at peace.co.uk

    You could take a copy of the image on a flash drive and have your local Kinkos, for example, print it off. I thought that you might find a poster with this image at the http://www.syracuseculturalworkers.com site, but I couldn’t see one there. You could contact them to see if they know of a readily available copy somewhere. I read somewhere that someone had gotten a copy of the poster from Laurie Phillips, but there doesn’t seem to be any information on this site that copies are being distributed. I hope the downloaded file is sharp enough for reproduction. By the way, on the right hand corner of the poster it says International Community Action 2002 Tel: 01425 276417 (in the UK).

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