Living a Mundane, Boring Life

By:  Pamela Chan,

Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

Are the details of a simple life mundane and boring?  They can be to some who have their own particular vision about what makes content interesting on social media. But like many people here in British Columbia,  I’m sharing content illustrating what it looks like to live a slow,  local and mostly 100 mile lifestyle. It’s a retro concept – very last century in many ways. It’s a lifestyle that’s not fast paced, chic or trying to be clever but it’s my life. It’s our life. It is – quite frankly – the lifestyle of most British Columbians and is grounded in the real world.  Is sharing on social media about projecting an ideal or about being real?  The story that we share is about our authentic selves and I know where I’m going to place my efforts. How about you?

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