A Savvy Auntie Shout-Out

If you are an auntie who does not have children and you have not heard about the Savvy Auntie website, welcome back.  You were on a round the world trip for the last few years, right?  All kidding aside, if you are a PANK (Professional Auntie No Kids), you take your role as auntie seriously.  You are devoted to the children in your life and they in turn benefit greatly from the role that you play in their lives.

The Savvy Auntie website was set up for women like you.  As noted on the website, mummy aunties are most welcome to join the site; however, the motivation to set up the site was grounded in the need to explore and celebrate all topics related to aunties who do not have children of their own.

Here is how the people at Savvy Auntie describe their site:

SavvyAuntie.com is the first and only community for Aunts: Aunties by Relation (ABR), Aunties by Choice (ABC), Mommy Aunties, Great Aunts, Godmothers, and all women who love kids. SavvyAuntie.com enables and empowers Aunts to exchange ideas, get advice, find gifts and connect with other Savvy Aunties.  The first to offer Forums, Groups, Blogs, an Auntiepedia and other social tools designed uniquely for Aunties, SavvyAuntie.com gives Aunts a unique and modern approach to learn, connect, share and celebrate Aunt-hood.

If this website leaves you craving more Savvy Auntie content, you are just in time to pre-order a copy of the Savvy Auntie’s soon to be released book  called Savvy Auntie:  The Ultimate Guide for Cool Aunts, Great-Aunts, Godmothers, and All Women who Love Kids

As Savvy Auntie founder Melanie Notkinexplains, Savvy Aunties are not childless, they are “child-full – and their love is a gift”.

So raise a glass to yourselves you fabulous savvy aunties. The days when aunties’ talents and contributions went mostly unnoticed are over. Celebrate yourself and your contributions –  and if you do love the website or buy the book we’d love to hear your thoughts about the Savvy Auntie life brand.


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