A School Dances

Recently a local public school in Coquitlam held a dance performance event that involved students and teachers performing dance routines.    The teachers spent two days learning how to perform a Gangnam style dance for the students.  It was a high energy performance that was well received.  The event also included a performance by Now or Never –  a break dance troupe ranked as one of the best in Canada. The school was able to support the dance classes and performance day thanks to the fund raising efforts of the parents in the school.

From ballet to hiphop and breakdance, all forms of dance offer male and female students the opportunity to be athletic, to express themselves, celebrate movement and music, and enjoy being part of an artistic troupe. Capoeira is a martial arts programme that also offers the benefits of movement to music.

At a time when arts funding is being cut back both in our communities and in public education, it was a pleasure to see a celebration of dance in a local school. The eyes of Strong Start (preschool) students were sparkling as they watched the performances. At this young age the children already know how to get into the groove. Let’s hope that they have the opportunity to keep on dancing as the years go by.

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