A very modern family

If you have not had a chance to watch the critically acclaimed and award winning television sitcom Modern Family yet, don’t worry.  CityTV has kindly made the first two shows of this season available on their website. (If you live outside of the region, you might need to load up Hotspot Shield in order to watch the shows.)  Modern Family is a charming mix of family dynamics and characters that speak to the increased diversity that we find in households today.  There is the “two dads” couple who adopted their daughter from Vietnam.  Meanwhile the patriarch of the family has a much younger second wife and stepson who hail from Colombia. The other grown offspring is a daughter who is married to a bright, but slightly clumsy, and clued out husband. They have three teen/pre-teen children.  There’s a good chance that your own family circumstances do not match those shown in this half hour sitcom, yet you just might find yourself warming up to the themes and issues presented each week.

It’s smart, sassy and sincere.  Yes those three S words just about size it up.  We like any TV show that can be watched online at a later time without too much effort.  So pull up a chair to the computer after a long day and enjoy, and while you’re at it you can watch the behind the scenes interview included below that was hosted by the cast members.

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Watch Modern Family on CityTV

The Modern Family website on ABC

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