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In 2003 I attended a talk about the world of online publishing and a year later I launched my first site.  My main motivation when I started was the belief that the silent majority – not just journalists, authors & academics – also has a right to be heard in a public forum.  Since then social media has exploded many different directions and an ever increasing number of people are claiming their right to publish their ideas online.

Isn’t that a liberating idea?

Hiking in Mundy Park, Coquitlam.

Since I relaunched my site in 2010, I’ve focussed on local, British Columbian, Canadian and international news, issues and events that are of interest to families.  Some of the topics I like to write about include:

  • news about community events and opportunities; family focussed businesses; and, organizations and celebrations;
  • ongoing and emerging ideas in the world of education, with a focus on outdoor learning opportunities;
  • ideas supporting the development and strengthening of community values; and,
  • fun, random and often multicultural topics from British Columbia and around the world.

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More About Me

If you would like to know about my other professional experience, you can find my Linkedin profile here.

After a few decades spent living, working and studying in North America, Africa, Europe, the Middle East, South East and East Asia, and spending time in the Caribbean, I now call British Columbia home.  My husband, twin children and I live in the Tri Cities area, near Vancouver, where we enjoy exploring cultural events and scenic local parks.

In Ethiopia with my parents and brother.
I’m on the right with my mum.  (The photo was taken by my dad.)

Elsewhere On Social Media

Since 2004, I’ve been an active member of the social media scene in British Columbia.  In 2011, a highlight was my being included in the  30 Top Mom Bloggers final result on VancouverMom.ca. As a result, I’ve continued to benefit from opportunities to meet other women and men working in the social media field.

In 2013 I became a contributor on OneSmileyMonkey.com – a site focused on reviews, feature stories and contests for parents.

You can find featured posts about me on VancouverMom.ca, The Thirties Grind and Mumfection (here and here).

Portrait photograph by: Erich Saide Photography