All Stacked Up

Pamela Chan, Editorial

In recent months I’ve been writing a lot of posts but not publishing them. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense. Why would you make the effort to write a piece and then let it sit? I think a main part of the reason is because I’m still mulling these ideas over in my head. They’re topics that you can unpack in many ways. But just like a work of art, there’s no perfect moment to press “publish”. I’ll be rolling out these pieces and if you have any of your own experiences to share, please do join in.

I will not be opening the comment places on the posts but will link them to a place on Facebook where comments can be made. This might seem unreasonable to people who don’t use Facebook, but in my experience most people maintain at least a basic account. Heck – even my mum who couldn’t care a less about social media and doesn’t use Facebook, has a way to access content on Facebook.