An Eco-Friendly Visit to the Hair Salon

Convenience is the number one concern when you are traveling around the city with twins or two young children in a double stroller.  When it is time for that first hair cut and you are considering the many hair salons around town for children, one of the first thoughts that comes to mind is “what about the parking?”.  Do I really want to be looking for metered parking on a busy street?  Do I want to be scrambling around a busy shopping mall parking lot?  (Aberdeen Centre or Metrotown on a weekend can be a bit stressful.)

When we went looking for a hair salon our first thought turned to Landsdowne Mall.  The parking situation is always reasonable and – bonus – it is now easily accessible from the new Canada Line.  We also knew that there is a Sparky’z Kutz for Kidz salon at the mall.  So we decided to try out the stroller and Skytrain option to go to the salon.  Remarkably we were able to go to the salon and return on one skytrain ticket!  (We started in Yaletown.) Even though we called ahead of time and made an apointment, it did seem that walk-in traffic could be easily accommodated.

Like other salons for children around town, Sparky’s is equipped with chairs in the shape of planes and cars, child friendly decorations and individual TV sets or video games are available for each child.  There is also a selection of products and balloons or a toy for each departing child.  Mum and dad will also be happy to know that every seventh haircut is free.  At this location the twins shared one card. This means that after our third visit we will get a free cut!

We found the staff at this location to be friendly and at ease with the children. More importantly, they had the experience needed to carefully and efficiently execute a complicated boy’s cut on a child who usually won’t let a pair of scissors near his face.  Now that takes talent!  The gowns for the little ones are designed so that hands cannot pop out and explore.  If your child is too young or too fidgety to sit in one of the specially designed chairs, there are regular chairs where the child can sit on a parent’s lap.  There are extra hand held toys for young children who are not interested to watch cartoons, but need to be distracted.


Hair cuts:

Under 2: $20

2 – 6: $22

7 – 14: $24

Buzz cut: $20

Bang cut: $9

Braids: $24

Shampoo: $4

Shampoo & style: $21

No chemicals such as colour, bleach or permanent applications are used.


The Sparky’s Kutz salons are individually owned franchises and can be found at the following locations, all of which are near major bus and skytrain/sea bus routes:

Coquitlam Center (Tel:  604.945.1973)

Landsdowne Mall (Tel: 604.270.7333)

Lonsdale Quay 2nd Floor (Tel:  604.990.4900)

Brentwood Mall (Tel: 778.370.0250)

Other opportunities at Landsdowne Mall

While you are at Landsdowne Mall you might want to have lunch at one of the many restaurants (see below); check out the many one-off, non-chain stores and the big box stores such as Best Buy, Toys R Us, Winners and Home Sense; or pick up some cute clothes at great prices at the charming Timbo Dino children’s clothing store. (Ask them about their membership programme.)

Of course if your family decides to take the train to Landsdowne Mall, instead of driving, you can finish your day satisfied that you have gone on an eco-friendly family outing!

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Information regarding mall location and opening hours

Sparky’s Kutz for Kidz (Landsdowne location Telephone number: 604-270-7333)

Restaurants at the mall include: California Cafe, Gingeri (a popular restaurant serving Chinese food, including dim sum),  Earls Restaurant, Kyung Bok Palace BBQ, Sui Sha Ya Japanese and Mongolian Hot Pot.

Landsdowne Mall website (Check out their ongoing events information detailing children’s and shopping events and their contests. In early September, 2010 you could win a $2,000 shopping spree.)

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