Are You Ready to Play Bigger in Your Life?

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Special note from Tara: Are you feeling  a little intimidated to sign up? and two videos re Tara’s agenda for the programme and the three most asked questions

Playing Big  is a fusion of inner transformation and skills training. You get the practical, Stanford MBA, tactics-loving side of me – in modules on negotiation, public speaking, getting media attention for your work, and getting into action. But you also get the poet, the coach, the personal growth teacher and spiritual seeker in me – in modules on clarifying vision, unearthing your calling and dealing with big fears. Playing Big is a fusion of inner and outer work, and that makes it one of the most unique programs out there.  Tara Mohr

Are you holding yourself back?  Are you ready to move forward? Are you ready to check your inner critic and discover a vision of an older, wiser you in the future? Are you ready to stop playing small and have a greater impact in the world?

Are you a woman?

Are you an artist? Are you a politician who wants to step up her game or an aspiring politician? Are you a social worker or teacher? Are you a mum at home full time who wants to start an at-home business or re-enter the work force? Are you a 20-something who wants to kick-start her career or a retiree who wants to start a new venture?  Are you a Gen-X woman who wants to switch it up at work? What’s your story? Who are you and what do you want to do next?

Tara Sophia Mohr is a writer and teacher who focuses on women in leadership and well being.   Starting January 24th, 2012 she will be offering round two of her popular Playing Big course – a six month online programme for women.  Here’s what Tara said recently about Playing Big:

What my audience most wanted to learn was what I most wanted to teach. My biggest passion was their biggest quest: playing bigger. Specifically, how visionary, creative, entrepreneurial women can play bigger.

From there, I developed my Playing Big program – a natural outpouring of all that I already knew from my own journey to playing bigger, from coaching other women, from my MBA training, and from a lifelong passion for helping women share their voices. Over 100 women from around the world – from Dubai to Detroit – have participated in Playing Big, and now an amazing group is signing up for round two. (

You may have seen Tara on The Today Show discussing 10 Rules for Brilliant Women. Perhaps you’ve read her work on the Huffington Post.  Perhaps you’ve signed up for her E-mails and receive copies of her exquisite & sensitive poems focussed on helping women to quell their inner critic and take risks.

If you think you’d like to take part in Tara’s next six month programme, listen to this informative and uplifting  online phone call which provides more information about what you can expect.  (Note: You can pay for the cours on a monthly basis.) Over 100 women around the world will take part in this programme. Will you be one of them? If this isn’t an option for you right now, consider sharing a link to this page on your website or social media network (via LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, for example) and do check out Tara’s website.

It would a treat to hear from you so don’t be shy! You can comment about this posting using the comment function below or visit the Facebook page.


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