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We all started out as babies.  Maybe this is why  most of us have some level of interest in the lives of babies.  Perhaps we also had younger siblings, cousins and friends.  We may have our own children or we are an aunt or uncle to other babies.  What’s not to love about babies?  It is fascinating to observe them as they grow and learn, and it is interesting to know that in different cultures babies are raised and cared for in different ways.

Enter the Babies documentary.  The creators of this documentary followed the lives of four babies from birth to age one who live in the United States, Namibia, Japan and Mongolia.  There is no dialogue accompanying the film, but the sneak peak we have of the documentary so far indicates that the film speaks volumes.  Are babies’ lives in industrialized countries over programmned?  In Vancouver, as we struggle to find a balance between the desire or need to work, and the desire to look after our babies, how will this documentary shed light on the choices we make?  As new trends appear that meet our need to create a less artificial lifestyle for babies, we borrow concepts from other cultures.  Does baby wearing, for example,  correctly mimic the care giving patterns in regions such as Africa?  To find out, watch for Babies in a cinema near you – if you’d like to see it on the large screen – or wait for the DVD to reach or local “video store”.

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Planet Baby: What can a new documentary teach us about babies?

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