Baby it’s cold outside

It’s mild. It’s cold. It’s freezing. The weather has been quite changeable lately. Rain one day, then sun and or snow the next. Dressing children for the elements can be challenging. By all accounts, this is supposed to be the most wintery of winters in decades. Think snow, snow and more snow. If you’re in the market to be buying clothes for your children, it can be hard to know what to purchase. After all, money is tight these days and one simply cannot afford to be throwing $50 here and there for many different types of gear.

The Children’s Place store in South Surrey is a fabulous location for two reasons. Firstly you find the fun designs and details that you can expect in Children’s Place clothes. Equally important is the fact that this particular location is a clearing house for products from other Children’s Place stores. Put the two together and you are bound to find some great deals on clothes you actually want to buy. Just as the weather started to change, Children’s Place stocked a three-way winter jacket set, along with matching hats and gloves. The ensemble starts with an initial layer of a fleece jacket that can be worn on its own or zipped into the jacket.

The outer jack can also be worn on its own or put together with the fleece. There are all kinds of clever features on the jacket. There is an inside flap to keep it in place and stop the wind from sneaking in and up the sides of the jacket. There are snaps to keep the hood tight around the chin. There is even what appears to be an opening for earphones. The matching hat (which was only $5) is attractive, warm and fits over the ears, with a strap that fits comfortably in place below the chin. We have used all three combinations for this outerwear and love it. At approximately $40 for the jacket set you cannot go wrong in terms of value for the price. More importantly this is not a combination of a thin shell with a fleece jacket. The jacket is a medium weight winter jacket designed to cope with rain,wind, sweater and water vapour.

Agoo Apparel is a Vancouver based company that produces sporty, fashionable designs for active living.  To truly appreciate their clothing you need to see them in person. The colours are atypical and fresh, the finishing is high quality and the styling is creative and practical.  The Children’s Place jacket set had matching snow pants that seemed more Central Canada than Vancouver.  So we turned to Agoo Apparel and their line of waterproof and wind resistant puddle pants.  What we like about them is that they shield the child from the elements (wind and rain), are designed to keep body heat in the pants and are also flexible in their sizing.  The waist bands will stay on children who are leaner without any further adjustments needed.

Add in the fashionable  Tushie Hugger line that looks so comfy and warm, and Agoo Apparel clothing is a surefire winner for the cooler months.

Join their Facebook page and you will hear about regular sales (for example 40% off).  In January, 2011 they are currently running a sale on their leggings for up to 70% off plus free shipping for orders over $50.

Jack and Lily

If you’re looking for boots that are warm (faux fur lined), made of water resistant leather, have easily adjustable ankle straps, and solid skid resistant stable soles, these boots by Jack and Lily will not disappoint. Not only are they perfect for snowy weather, but they’re also oh so cute.  Your daughter will receive lots of compliments every time she wears these boots. The boots also come in brown and cream for the little man in your life.

Keeping Baby Warm

If you have looked all over town for a snowsuit for your baby and have not been able to find one, try the Sears downtown on Granville and Robson.  Some Vancouver parents dress their babies in layers and it is not uncommon to see a baby or toddler outside in the winter without a hat on.  The common advice is to put one more layer of warmth on a child than what you would wear.  So ask yourself – is it enough to put a fleece jacket and a wind breaker on a baby or toddler?  Would that combination keep you warm during the coldest days of winter?  It is hard not to appreciate the cocoon-like warmth of a proper snowsuit.


Children’s Place: 30-2428 160 Street, Surrey, BC V3S 0C8 Tel: 604-531-5349  (Map)

Agoo Apparel website

Jack and Lily website

Sears on Granville and Robson

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