Baby Molly: Helping a local family in need

If you are the parent of a child or are the aunt, uncle, friend or grandparent of a child, you will know how exciting it is to welcome a new child into the world. If you have known a baby who spent her early days at BC Children’s Hospital you will also know how frightening it can be when a baby becomes ill and needs medical care.  The BC Children’s Hospital is a world class institution that has helped many children over the years.  Recently the hospital admitted Molly Campbell, the youngest child they have ever treated for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia – a cancer of the white blood cells.  Both of Molly’s parents have had to leave their four young children in the care of family and friends on Vancouver Island so that they can be by Molly’s side in Vancouver.  The doctors have given Molly a 20% chance to live and expect that she will need to be in the hospital for at least six months.

Molly’s father is the sole provider for the family.  As he is not working at the moment, his friends have started a website so that others can donate whatever they can afford to help the family get through the next few weeks and months.

British Columbians, Canadians and people living outside of Canada are invited to support the Campbell family through their collective thoughts, prayers and, if possible, financial support.

We believe that Molly is in the best possible medical facility for treatment of her condition and we believe that she can be one of the 20% that survive.

If you would like to learn more about Molly or donate via a secure donation process, please visit the Baby Molly website and share a link to this page with your friends, family and colleagues.

Thank you.

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