Becoming a mum, at last

A week does not go by when we are not hearing stories about one Hollywood star or another having a child after 40. Often the actor is having her first or second child. Who doesn’t love a story about babies? Nowadays people are equally fascinated with the details about how older moms are fulfilling their dream to become a mother. Members of the media are also keen to share every detail about fertility treatments in Hollywood. In a recent interview with Celine Dion one journalist went so far as to ask Celine how many embryos she had left. Not surprisingly, Celine did not share details about this very personal information.

Here in British Columbia women in their late 30s and early 40s face many challenges and obstacles if they hope to start a family. One of the most common reactions from contemporaries is the question “why did you wait so long?”. A further assessment might include the conclusion that a woman focussed on her career too much, was too picky about finding a husband or simply waited too long. This is the uncomfortable environment in which women starting a family beyond 35 live.

The statistics and news about fertility treatments for those who are struggling to start a family can be confusing. Even though Hollywood actors are having babies using IVF, some reports present depressing statistics about success rates for women close to 40 and beyond. Additionally there is no shortage of heart breaking stories about what can go wrong on the fertility journey. It can also seem formidable to consider adoption options. The adoption process in Canada can be expensive, slow and uncertain. Adoptions overseas have become more difficult and come with their own challenges.

Considering these challenges, it is heart warming to read about Sharon Simon,  who has shared her story about becoming a mother after 40 on the website .  Simons’ difficult foray into the world of IVF ended in heartbreak; however, she was able to successfully adopt two children from Russia.

If you are a mother over 40 or if you are seeking more information about adoption, do check out both the site published by Angel La Liberte and Simons’ site called,where you can find information about adoption and related stories.


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