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If you have noticed children watching attentively when music videos come on the Treehouse channel, you probably know about Vancouver Islanders Bobs and Lolo.  Their upbeat, engaging and educational songs are charming children around British Columbia and across the country. Robyn Hardy (Bobs) and Lorraine Pond (Lolo) are joined by their band as they encourage a love of the natural world, music, movement and make believe through action packed music such as Recycle With Me and I Love Bugs.   Their most recent audio CD Action Packed includes themes focused on analogies such as trains, superheroes, and adventure stories, and themes such as literacy, health, teamwork and friendship.   Their songs educate children about conservation issues related to their neighbourhood and world and encourage children to sing, dance and get up and move.

Residents of the Lower Mainland are in luck because Bobs and Lolo will be performing their action packed musical adventure concert this weekend  at the Roundhouse in Yaletown.  The venue is accessible by train, bus and car.  For those families who attend church on Sunday morning, you can attend a 9 AM service and still make the concert. If you live outside of the Lower Mainland do check out their CDs and related music videos.

As of Friday there were still plenty of tickets available, but contact the Roundhouse before you arrive as you need to pre-register.  Following the concert you will want to check out the playground just west of the Roundhouse where there is a large web-like climbing frame that children enjoy.

Getting There

Address: Exhibition Hall, Roundhouse Community Centre, 181 Roundhouse Mews, Vancouver, BC (Corner of Davie and Pacific) (Related Map)

Tel: 604-713-1803

Time: Sunday, August 22nd, 210, 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Ticket price: $10 per person.  $35 for a family of four.  Children six months and younger are free.  Group rates are available. Reception opens from 9 AM.

Parking: Street parking is limited and is metered.  Free street parking is available north of Nelson and Pacific Boulevard.  Convenient pay parking is available underneath Urban Fare.


Bobs and Lolo website.

For a sneak peak of their new On Your Feet DVD check out their video page

Follow Bobs and Lolo on their weblog

Bobs and Lolo Action Packed Audio CD

Bobs and Lolo Musical Adventure Audio CD

Bobs and Lolo Sea Notes Audio CD

The Bobs and Lolo channel on You Tube

3 thoughts on “Bobs and Lolo concert

  1. Hello,
    My daughter Savannah and i listen to your C.D’s in the car every day, we watch you on T.V and we would love to know when or if your going to be coming to Toronto, Ontario (or anywhere in Ontario, we are for sure willing to travel). My sister and her kids are willing to, too.
    Also, if you ever do private parties, im interested in the info.
    Would love to hear back from you.
    Im also aware that this is probably not going to get officially get to Robin and Lorraine because of their busy schedual and privacy inwhich i totally respect. I would love to just get an email back with some information about the questions i asked.
    Thank you and best of luck to Bobs and Lolo ( the next sharon,lois and bram team)
    Marianne Phillips ( Peterborough,Ontario)

  2. Thank you for your comment. I just saw the following on their Twitter account:

    “Tickets are now on sale for our concert in Brampton, ON on November 7th! Weeeeee!!“.

    I will also let them know that you have a question for them. I hope you will be able to see them. They truly are world class (as the expression goes) children’s music performers.


  3. Bobs and Lolo’s team confirmed that they will be in Ontario for shows in Guelph (Oct 31), London (Nov 6) and Brampton (Nov 7). They haven’t yet lined up a date in Toronto but there might be a last minute possibility. They have also joined an arts showcase in Northern Ontario which will hopefully help them to arrange performance opportunities in Ontario for the upcoming year.

    Information about the dates they have so far is listed on their concert calendar for October and November.

    I hope one of those dates will work for your family.


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