Can Women Increase Their Power and Make a Ton of Money?

Image by Sasin Tipchai

Pamela Chan, M.Ed/Editorial

Have you ever read an article focussed on career advice and realized that there were no takeaway tips? In this article in Forbes magazine, Cindy Gallop (CEO and Founder of MakeLoveNotPorn) offers 11 surefire ways for women to increase your power and make a ton of money.

That got your attention, didn’t it?

Creating a New Market Niche

I want you to also consider that Cindy Galop has forged a path in a market niche that is extraordinarily tricky. Why? Think about how much content online focussed on s ex* involves women who are not being objectified and/or are not operating under conditions of duress. (Whether it’s financial need, past trauma or even human tracking fueled by coercion.) Gallop is an industry leader and is a force to be reckoned with. Her business presents a new s ex and body positive category of business where people can focus on improving their s ex lives and talking about s ex. I’ve added the image above to remind you of her innovative business focus as you keep reading. (* You’ll find this word split in this post because I couldn’t bothered to have search results for the wrong reasons landing on my post.)

Try It on Monday

Gallop offers actionable “try it on Monday” ideas. I like her tips about how you can find a champion in your office AND get them on board to support and champion you and your talents.

* Having a champion in the workplace. 

* Protecting your job – especially during a maternity leave or during economically uncertain times, for example.

* Being paid the salary you deserve. 

* Securing promotions. 

Think about it. These are important areas of focus in a woman’s professional life. 

Your 30s Count A Lot

The most important decade for women to make gains – salary wise – is when they are in their 30s. There are a number of reasons why. Depending on their profession, women reach their earning peak anywhere from age 35 to age 44. Another reason is because women are more likely to be let go for age related reasons starting at age 40. According to research focussed on ageism in the workplace, men are more likely to encounter this reality starting at age 50. One reason given is that because of “lookism”, women who show signs of aging are targeted for age related job loss earlier than men. (Even though men age in their 40s too). When these women do manage to secure another job – and this can be hard – on average they will take a 25% pay cut! The pandemic only made the situation worse for women.

Finding Work in Your 40s and Beyond

“There’s a trifecta effect for older unemployed women. In looking for work, they are more likely to face age discrimination. Once they lose their jobs, they experience a longer period of unemployment. And if they do find work, they often have to take a pay cut.” (Linda Sussman, Public Health Professional)

When a woman like Cindy Gallop starts talking about leveraging your position in the workforce and making a good amount of money, my ears perk up.

What’s the solution? Young women – and women already in the workforce – need to hear the advice of women like Gallop so that they can feel more empowered and be more powerful and successful in their professional lives.

What About Women Who are Unemployed?

I am also interested to hear what professionals who track these issues suggest for strategies that women age 40+ should utilize. What if they have already experienced job loss and their older champions have either disappeared into retirement or died, and their network of colleagues who can speak to her strengths rapidly disappears.

What then?

This might not be a discourse that you encounter on the regular on LinkedIn, or in conversations with colleagues or friends, but this is very much an issue that is affecting older women who have champions who are from the war baby or older baby boomer generations.

What has your experienced been so far as a women age 40+?


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