Lean 30: Making Friends in the Pre-School Years

If you’re a parent of a young child, and you’re struggling to provide support for this process of making friends and socializing, take comfort in knowing that the awkward struggles are a common occurrence in the pre-school and early years.  You are not alone. 

Lean 30: 18 – They’re Just Not That Into You

In this story about how e-mail and social media were factors in the death of a friendship, the reasons were complicated. Beyond all of the reasonable explanations there is also the raw facts of the matter. Sometimes those relatives/friends just aren’t into you… that much… anymore.

Lean 30: 17 – Social Sharing Intolerance

You’re going to see this Baby Spam post shared if you subscribe to pages that touch on topics such as parenting. The thing is most of us won’t receive this type of letter. And we all know that some people can post tonnes of content about their children and they’ll be showered with likes and comments. Other people might post infrequently and unknowingly receive all kinds of eye rolls. So much depends on the group of people who are connected with you on your page.

Lean 30: 16 – What Matters When Publishing

Any online publisher with any street cred knows how to analyze his/her social media performance stats in more ways than many might imagine. I subscribe to content shared by social media specialists who publish – every DAY – articles, tips and even infographics about how you can better optimize your performance online. I have to admit that half the time I forget to look at my stats on my website publishing dashboard. I’m more likely to look at information coming my way via other sites such as Facebook or apps that help me analyze action on Twitter.

Lean 30: 13 – Starting Again

In January of this year I started a Lean 30 series as a way to get back to old school blogging. I made it as far as post 12, as I didn’t write every day, and thought that I would be a nice idea to reboot this project and continue on at number 13. I like the idea of starting new projects or ideas at the end of December rather than at the beginning of January. For the same reason I celebrate milestone birthdays in my 8th year within a decade rather than when I click over into a new decade.

Lean 30: 12 – A Gen X Message From the Past

Recently the CBC did a series of pieces on the job prospects for young adults as we dig ourselves out of the most recent economic recession. It was satisfying to see that they mentioned the higher rate of youth unemployment in the previous two recessions in the early 90s and early 80s.