From Norway to Coquitlam

It started with a short film on Vimeo about children exploring the outdoors in Norway. Since then I’ve been catching bits and bytes about the forest kindergarten/outdoor education programmes around the world on blogs, newspaper articles, Facebook and even Twitter.

Lean 30: 10 – Do You Support Pink Day?

This week as British Columbians took part in Pink Day, I noticed a stream of Pink Day photos in my social media accounts. People sported pink shirts, black shirts with pink writing or talked about their experiences on that day. There was even a Pink Day related flash performance involving 30 schools, 3,000 participants and the Vancouver Giants hockey team. Despite all of these efforts, there was discontent about how the day went down.

A School Dances

Recently a local public school in Coquitlam held a dance performance event that involved students and teachers performing dance routines.   …