Being the Good Mum: Everyone’s Got an Opinion

“After the break, you won’t want to miss this story.” Here we go again. Peter Mansbridge and his crew dishing up another story that’s trending about the modern mom.

*Mums avoiding radiation in their child’s milk

* Mums using harnesses for their toddlers

* Mums enrolling their children in expensive preschool programmes

* Mums and potential mums using fertility treatments

The story rolls and gross generalizations are served up – packaged up within a glossy presentation. Canadians everywhere roll their eyes.

These days it seems everyone’s got an opinion about mothers and what they should and shouldn’t be doing. “News light” stories can be found when you turn on your TV, a talk show, or crank up the computer. Even if you avoid the journalist looking for a story, if you’re a mum of young children the following bits of advice have probably come your way by of colleagues, friends, family members and even strangers. They cover all manner of topics and aren’t necessarily the sexy topics featured on the evening news.

No stone is left unturned.

Pushing back

Ask any woman in her sixties or seventies and they will tell you that they used cloth diapers on their…

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