Lean 30: 12 – A Gen X Message From the Past

Recently the CBC did a series of pieces on the job prospects for young adults as we dig ourselves out of the most recent economic recession. It was satisfying to see that they mentioned the higher rate of youth unemployment in the previous two recessions in the early 90s and early 80s.

Unpacking Goop.com Since 2008

Many articles have been written, tweets shared and posts posted in the days since Gwyneth Paltrow’s “conscious uncoupling” idea has become a much discussed term. Since then there has been a new kerfuffle as women discuss Paltrow’s comparison of actors on set versus women in the office who are also mums.

Let’s Promote Pedestrian Safety – Not Miley Cyrus Videos

Would you be interested to contact your BC municipality to ask about installing blinker signs, in-ground LED crossing lights and enhanced crosswalks? If we can make videos about Miley Cyrus bending over “go viral” by way of our sharing on social media, couldn’t we work together to help protect the lives of British Columbians?

Who Are These Celebrities Who Blog?

Who are these celebrities who blog? They’re not experienced bloggers who journal their daily lives – offering a combination of knowledge based on experience; observations; curated information; social media savviness; and, envelope pushing commentary. They’re not sharing about WT* moments.