Is Your Facebook Page Cloaked?

When I heard that Facebook would be holding the first ever Facebook Small Business Boost event in Canada – right here in Coquitlam – I didn’t hesitate to put my name down for a space. If you are the administrator of a Facebook page, you will appreciate how it has been a struggle for some time to make Pages function well on Facebook. The visibility of pages on the Facebook homepage has been dramatically reduced in recent months.

Lean 30: 14 – Managing Accounts and Documents

Maybe it’s because the year end is approaching. Or maybe it’s because my husband keeps asking me to delete photos from out tablet. Whatever the reason, I’m jumping all over the digital map shedding digital weight in my files and thinking about all types of documents and records that I manage. It’s not an easy job and there are many challenges.

Building Websites in the 90s

In those moments when I’m asked to give a brief introduction, I usually explain that I’ve been publishing content online since 2004. In reality I got my start experimenting with website design in the 90s in the days before Wordpress plugins and website-designers-for-hire in foreign countries.