X Marks the Spot

Every day you will see an article in print or online about how Millennials and Generation Z are making contributions to the workforce after the core Baby Boomer years. What is missing in these conversations is discussion about the talents, challenges and aspirations of the generation of workplace employees following Boomers – the Generation X cohort who were born from the mid 1960s until 1980.  

Are You Updating Your Resume?

If you are hoping to improve the likelihood that your name will make an interview shortlist, you will want to present a strong and detailed resume that shows how you have both the essential and additional educational and work experience required for a job position.

You’re Not Getting it Wrong Canadian Mum

I see these types of posts at least once a week. “Why parents in France (fill in another country name) have got it right and North American parents are getting it wrong.” Or at the very least, could be doing things differently. Do these pieces resonate with you? Or do you think there’s a good dose of glossing over going on?