Celebrating International Women’s Day

The Women’s International Perspective is a fascinating website written by women living around the world. Here you can find articles on arts and culture, the economy, politics, education, science, technology and world issues.  Of particular interest is  an article about leadership dialogue in Canada and a related book entitled Made in Canada Leadership: Wisdom from the Nation’s Best and Brightest on the Art and Practice of Leadership.

There are countless discussions about women in leadership on the Internet. This is encouraging because we still cannot say that there are numerous women IN leadership in countries such as the United States of America or Canada.

A news article about the Seven Sins of Career Management on the Vancouver Board of Trade website is noteworthy as it focusses on some uncomfortable attitudes harboured by women in the workforce. These tips are also relevant for women who may not be working in an leadership position, yet give serious thought to the progression of their careers. Women who are currently out of the workforce while caring for their families may re-enter at some point or may start a home based business or volunteer for local organizations.  Additionally they will want to encourage leadership skills in their own children. For these reasons discussions about women in leadership are relevant to all women.

Leadership consultant Tara Cree suggests that there are “seven sins of career management”.   Many talented yet self-effacing men who could also benefit from considering the following “career sins”:

1. Wanting to be liked rather than respected.

2. Settling for recognition instead of rewards.

3. Being unskilled at “bragging.”

4. Being uncomfortable with conflict.

5. Lacking career ownership.

6. Lacking balance between team and self.

7. Being unwilling to take risks early and often.

PDF version of presentation

The Vancouver Board of Trade hosts a Women’s Leadership Circle that is designed to help its female members engage in networking, relationship-building, social and political issues related to the Board of Trade.

The Imagining Ourselves website is a dynamic online community where women from around the world can share stories and “connect” – at least via the Internet. The goal of the website’s creators is to “connect women from age 20 to 40  around the globe, inspiring them to create positive change in their lives, their communities, and the world”.

The website includes an online exhibit, discussions organized around themes, a series of global events and submission competitions and a book.

The founder of this website was born in 1975. Presumably when she approaches 40, she will feel inspired to expand the scope of this website to include older women. For now, whether you are a woman from this generation or not the website is worth a look.

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Image source: Celebrating Women is a book of photography by Paola Gianturco.

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