Celebrating Science, Engineering and Technology Education & Careers for Girls and Women

“Why do people think girls can’t do science? Where did this crazy idea ever come from?”.  –Dr. Nancy Hopkins, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

In celebration of Ada Lovelace Day on March 24th, 2010, achievements of women working in science, engineering and technology careers will be celebrated on the Internet. This event has been designed to draw attention to the contributions and innovations of women in these disciplines. To read more on this topic, visit the Ada Lovelace Day website.

At BCfamily.ca we decided to interview women working in these disciplines and ask them about their experiences and how they see the opportunities for other young girls and women. In particular we are interested in the idea that improving opportunities for science education prepares girls for a future career in science, engineering and technology, or for a position that is closely connected with these disciplines such as textile design or environmental studies, for example. Alternatively, science education enables girls to understand the world in which they live in a more informed way even if they do not choose a science, engineering or technology related career.

During the next few weeks come back and visit us here at this page as a group of women in North America and Europe answer our questions regarding their thoughts about science, engineering and technology education and careers.

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