A Visit to Colony Farm

Pamela Chan, BCFamily.ca

Search the banks of the Coquitlam river for river otters, muskrats and herons; stroll through colourful organic gardens; watch coyotes, hawks and owls hunt in open fields; or, look for clues to [Colony Farm Regional Park’s] farming past and future. (Greater Vancouver Regional District brochure)

Any time of year and in any weather, Colony Farm is an interesting place to visit for a walk along the river or through the community gardens.  Summertime is the peak period for viewing the garden plots before you head off down the trails to walk by the water, enjoy the peaceful setting and watch for wildlife.  You might even want to take part in a game of “launch a stick into the river and watch it float away”.

Children walk at different paces, so if you are planning to be there with a few little ones you might find that one of them will go ahead to spend time with an adult in quiet conversation.  Many families, couples and individuals choose to bring bikes to ride along the trails.   The trails are also stroller friendly.  It is suggested that dogs be on leashes; however, you will encounter off-leash dogs from time to time. At the entrance to the trails by the parking lot you can find a map and brochure that provides more information.  As you might find yourself spending a few hours at the park, you will want to know that there are portable toilets on the side of the south parking lot near the community gardens.

The park is the perfect place to decompress, look off to the distant mountain views and feel like you are away from the bustle of urban living.   Since it’s located not far from Lougheed Highway, you can easily combine a trip to Ikea or one of the major attractions in Coquitlam with a visit to the park.

Upcoming Event

On Sunday, September 8th, 2013 at 3:30 PM the Colony Farm Community Gardens Society invites gardeners to tour the community gardens. Visitors will have the opportunity to see what’s growing as the summer is ending and learn about soil and organic pest management techniques. Meet at the south parking lot on Colony Farm Road near the pagoda. Info: 604-936-7423.  In subsequent years, check local listings for information about an end-of-the-summer tour.

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Frogs croaking in Coquitlam river at Colony Farm (video)

Short video taken when a family went for a bike ride at the farm.

GVRD Website

Burke Mountain Naturalists sponsors natural history trips at the park.

Colony Farm Community Gardens Society.  For membership and garden plot information call 604.520.6442

Colony Farm Park Association. Call 604.520.6442

Research and education laboratory farm

Colony Farm – Past, Present and Future

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